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Experience Centralized LMS from Enquiry to Enrolments

Digitize your lead generation, engagement, and application processes with us - all in one centralized panel! Simplify and conquer the lead funnel with our integrated interface!


Institutes leading by example with AutomatEazy

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Amplify Your Admission Growth by 5X

Multi-channel unified platform with smart automation to boost lead speed, centralize, manage, and distribute incoming enquiries from multiple sources, and eliminate lead leakage and duplication.

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Lead Management

Exclusive LMS to boost Enrollments

Replace Traditional methods of Lead Management with is a new-age advanced SAAS based enrolment to gather, engage and nurture lead to convert them into new business opportunities

  • One Unified Centralize Automated Platform for all Leads
  • Zero lead Leakage with 100% Lead coverage
  • Robust Drip marketing and Lead Engagement through Multi-Channel Touch points
  • Benchmark Publisher API to manage Lead Quality
  • Advanced User Management with Access and permission
Lead management
Lead Nurturing

Integrated Lead Nurturing platform to deliver highest Conversions

Engage, nurture and track all touch points through multi-communication channels within a centralized automated panel.

  • Automated Acquisition, Tracking, & distribution of Leads to dynamic Workflow engines
  • Omnipresence interaction with prospects. with in-built Communication Channels
  • Never drop any opportunity to engage a lead through Automated Marketing Campaigns
  • Lead mapping shows the entire journey of every enquiry in Real Time.
  • Intelligent information Nudges are used to build a faster response system.
User Management

Advanced User Management with freedom of access and permissions

Simplify user management with AutomatEazy - Secure, Add, Remove, Edit, and Restrict Access with ease!


Manage user accounts securely

Data Masking

Ensure optimum security with advanced data masking

Activity Log

Keep a track of all sessions with user activity logs

Publisher Panel

Maximize Publisher's Performance - No More Unverified Hassles!

Every publisher requires an investment. Transparently plan, track, analyze, and optimize publisher monitoring while prioritizing privacy.

  • Stay Ahead with Real-time Lead Dashboard
  • Set your Criteria, Benchmark your publishers
  • Advanced tools for Publisher Comparative Analysis & Evaluation
  • Access the Lead Quality and Identify Top Publishers
  • Get publisher Performance Data to compare costs and benefits.
Publisher management
Cloud telephony
Cloud Telephony

Converse seamlessly with built-in Cloud Telephony

Centralize your communication and save costs with built-in communication solutions to amplify 5x Growth.

  • No lead left behind - Simplify Connect in just One Click directly from the panel.
  • Track Every call, Control Quality, & Follow Up with each prospect.
  • Accelerate Lead Conversion with round robin logarithm lead reassignment.
  • Scrutinize Team Communication with automated and unlimited call recording!
  • With our easy-to-use IVR System for friction-free note-taking via voice

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More Features

Rich features that defines why AutomatEazy is the best!

Understands the nitty gritty of the enrolment process and serves as a centralised platform that empowers your teams to grow your enrolments systematically.

Video Counselling

Make walkins happen via 1-to-1 video counselling

Video Counselling

Make walkins happen via 1-to-1 video counselling

Video Counselling

Make walkins happen via 1-to-1 video counselling

Video Counselling

Make walkins happen via 1-to-1 video counselling

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