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Your Success, Our Mission: Progress with Passion at AutomatEazy

At AutomatEazy, our zeal for education drives us personally, making every step meaningful and purposeful. With our revolutionary SaaS-based enrolment and marketing software, we open doors to endless possibilities. Unite with us to embark on a transformative journey where each stage, from inquiry to admission, is digitally crafted within a centralized panel, ensuring seamless management of the lead funnel from top to bottom. Our devoted team, driven by a shared passion for education, strives to bring automation to all, eliminating the stress and errors of manual processes. Our leading Education CRM system streamlines internal and external processes, magnifying admissions with ease. Let's build brighter futures together.


Pioneering Better Admissions Since 2019

By enabling educational institutions and professionals, AutomatEazy has revolutionised education CRM. The firm has transformed admissions procedures nationwide. Education CRM technology revolutionises the admissions process, empowering institutions and sales professionals. As its user base grows, AutomatEazy is already resonating in educational institutions nationwide. The organisation is keen to transform admissions and improve processes


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The AutomatEazy Network

The best in the industry choose AutomatEazy as their Enrolment Automation Partner and we think we know why!

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Ignite Your Entrepreneurial Spark at AutomatEazy

Be a part of our expanding team that's revolutionizing the education industry by transforming its admissions process.

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Empowering Countless Education Institutes with Our CRM

Partner with us and leverage your expertise in Admission & Enrolment Automation to develop products and services that drive growth for your institute.

Institutes of all sizes around the world use AutomatEazy

  • 2M+

    Leads generated through AutomatEazy in 2023

  • 1.5M+

    Admission completed through AutomatEazy in the one quarter

  • $500M+

    Payments processed through AutomatEazy in 2022

  • 2M+

    Leads generated through AutomatEazy in 2023

  • 1.5M+

    Admission completed through AutomatEazy in the one quarter

  • $500M+

    Payments processed through AutomatEazy in 2022


Do Purpose-Driven Work that Matters

These inspire thought and action, eventually shaping our vision and culture. This is what makes the AutomatEazy team


Here, you have the Freedom to explore your Passions and Feelings


Spontaneous dedication towards customers is our obsession


Ambition what keeps us moving through ups and downs


Growth is the component we focus everyday - for us as well as our customers

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AutomatEazy's Dream Team: Making Dreams Come True

Our envisioned team communicates and works together to succeed. They work fluidly to achieve goals, acknowledging each member's importance. Teamwork at AutomatEazy helps dreams come tangible.

AutomatEazy News & Media

The AutomatEazy Newsroom provides company press releases, key facts, executive perspectives, past media coverage, and awards.

Choose AutomatEazy, the Preferred Tool of 300+ Educational Institutes

Grow your business with AutomatEazy - the Ultimate Education and Marketing CRM Solution

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AutomatEazy LMS is extremely helpful in meeting the needs of my students providing eaze in admissions to us. Quick student response manager helps to scale up our business

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AutomatEazy provides overview of all lead in a single snapshot. This feature alone solves 80% of our problem of Lead Management. All in one CRM solution.

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Flexible, faster and user-friendly Education CRM with delightful experience of achieving the targets.

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Robust software, one solution to handle everything. Help us to achieve our targets with ease. From lead generation to admission take cares of all and provide promising results

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Problem solving fantastic tool that speeds up the admissions by closing the deal quickly. Tracking leads and accessing counselor’s productivity now become so possible with AutomatEazy.

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Complete life cycle of a student enrolment is visible. Powerful tool deals with the complexities we were facing with an eaze. Proofed to be Star performer Educational CRM.

AutomatEazy Success Stories

We partner with 1500+ institutions, providing end-to-end admissions solutions. Our meta-automation, efficient lead management, add-on services, and zero lead leakage policy deliver revolutionary benefits. Hear from our satisfied partners.

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I am a big supporter of AutomatEazy and highly recommend it to other RTOs. This is due to the flexible user-friendly system and great, friendly support team.

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“We love what AutomatEazy has to offer and we are looking more into Education CRM to automate all processes in the student journey.”

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"Our student’s experience is more important than ever before and from enrolment to completion you can streamline their journey in."

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Experience to the user-friendly interface and automation of important tasks anyone can manage the application with ease and able to focus on properly engaging with our students.

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Venper Academy

"AutomatEazy is an easy to use lead management system that helps to keep track of lead life cycle progress through different stages."

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